My work

Refcom: website project work, copywriting and marketing strategy.

As part of an in-house role, I worked alongside a digital agency to help redevelop and completely overhaul the website for Refcom, the UK's largest F gas register.

This was backed up by a marketing plan, social media work and event programme to support the brand through its peak renewal period (and I'm very pleased to report that the final figures show the brand grew market share).

Iain Martin: Strength, Weight Loss and Nutrition Coach. 

As a leader in his field, Iain was in the process of building his brand and refining his identity. I worked with him to develop some marketing recommendations and give brand advice, and I continue to give ad hoc advice as and when it's needed. Thanks to a lot of hard work, his business is going from strength to strength (pun very definitely intended!). 

Welplan and Welplan Pensions: website project work, copywriting, marketing communications, internal communications. 

During this in-house role, I created and developed the brand's marketing strategy, completely reworked (and rewrote) the website and worked alongside an agency to create a new suite of literature. 

Pensions is a tricky business to understand, so one of the key parts of the role was taking complex guidelines and translating it into easy to understand language. 

Chris Taylor, Fitness Trainer: brand identity and marketing advice

Chris is an established personal trainer who was looking for a new brand identity to help diversify his client offering. Because Chris doesn't just train one to one (he also teaches group exercise in Carlisle and Penrith, and offers nutrition advice), we decided on 'fitness trainer' so it could adapt to any extra services he offers in the future.

Working alongside Graeme Wilson from Graeme Wilson Art, I created a new brand identity suitable for print and social media, and I continue to give marketing advice when needed. Happily, Chris is thrilled with his new look!

Chris Taylor Fitness Trainer brand ident

James Pittam health and fitness: website copywriting

James Pittam health and fitness offers a whole range of services designed to help people get in shape, overcome injuries and feel physically better. Offering physiotherapy, personal training, nutrition testing, military circuits and more, the expert team has many years' experience.

I was approached to write the copy for the new James Pittam website. Working from a set number of keywords, I researched and wrote natural sounding, SEO optimised copy for nine pages that met strict readability criteria. I've always loved fitness, but I definitely learned a lot on this project! 

James Pittam health and fitness website

Boots UK: in-house marketing a copywriting

As part of an in-house marketing role, I worked across many brands creating marketing plans, working with design agencies, copywriting and website and event management. It also included working on a flagship Christmas 'Here Come The Girls' Christmas TV ad that I'm particularly proud to have been involved with! A truly broad range of experience working client side! 

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